Maria Guerberof

Originally from Argentina, Buenos Aires, Maria has a background in philosophy and creative photography. Based permanently in the UK, her work as a cinematographer includes short dramas, music video clips, promos, documentaries and dance art films. Maria’s work as a photographer was nominated in 2018 for the KG± Award at Kyotographie Festival for her solo exhibition:”Buenos Aires 2001: a culture under siege” exhibited at Voice Gallery / Matsuo Megumi in Kyoto, Japan.

Maria, is currently directing personal projects, designing her photography books and exhibiting her work in Paris, London and Japan.

“My photographic practice is all about gesture: making magical truths visible to others by means beyond the intellect. Photography has always been a mystical experience for me: strange situations and wonderful people appear, inexplicable things happen to me and my camera. It is a constant search that keeps surprising me every day.

At the moment, I am particularly interested in the textures and haptic qualities of image”

Maria Guerberof

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