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“Kyoto” by Maria Guerberof

“My project “Kyoto” is a testament of my sensory experience — purely personal, intuitive, imperfect —and connected with a remote past of my existence centuries ago.

The images recall magical circumstances, mirrored repetitions and infinite time.

As if Jorge Luis Borges had shaped this landscape and asked me in a dream to immortalise it.

As a foreigner, I can only imagine Japan’s past from others’ stories, yet I feel a strong magical connection to Kyoto. I read stories on every ancient wall, in their aged marks and weathered imperfections. Tree roots breaking the pavement with brute strength, emerging from deep underground. Green vegetative surfaces that live and die and grow again. Transformations constant and slow, details of the past made present as nature overtakes modern urbanisation.

While editing this project, I realised that Kyoto can be only experienced intuitively, not via logic. I feel the constant secret battle of millennia behind each step.”

Maria Guerberof

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