“After I left the army, I started taking pictures. When you start taking nude photos, people will always ask: why do you do this, but my answer is always: why can’t I do this?

I still don’t know how to describe my photos. I just want them to be free.

In my mind, freedom has always been an imaginary existence. This is a truth even my late elementary school classmate knows, a week before his death the teacher once promised him: “you get your homework done, and you’re free.” He smiled and said, “there is no real freedom.” A week later, he drowned while playing.

This truth, my good friend Mo Chuanqi he also knows. But he had gone to a freer place, and he had left me a poem. He is a savage, Nemo, and a toilet. I always said to him, “go back to the cave.” The poem ends, of course, with the savage finally rolling the dice and then following the water back to the cave, his own cave.

That’s where my title comes from.

I don’t know when to start, I lost my “feeling”, I always laughing and Shouting with a loud voice, but I don’t have any feelings, even when I was on the bus feeling “self” emerged from ears, looked at his stand on the bus, standing watch that I made the decision to choose, I just looked on live, in the end I call it “incompetent”. Based on this phenomenon, I have conceived many possibilities for the essence of existence. But no matter how close to the truth, I still can’t change the fact that I’m “too calm” most of the time.

I have to hope for the day when I “wake up”.”


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