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“The Cave” by Uma

“The Cave is a collection of my polaroids from 2017 to the present.

The cave was named after a friend who was dead.

I said to him many times, “The savage has returned to the cave.”

Until now my concept of existence has been blurred again.

We should all roll the dice once if we could.

“In my ideal world, it would be a simple thing. Every young man of twenty-one should be put to the test. They should go to a hospital and roll the dice once. One of the six sides of a die is dead. If they had thrown it exactly that way, they should have died painlessly. No awkward situation, no beast of cruelty, innocent bystanders will not be hurt. It’s just a throw of the dice at the hospital.”

“It must be good for improving the war situation.”

“Do you really think so?”

“It’s obvious.”

“Are you sure?”

“If you can.”

                        From my friend Mo Chuanqi “


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