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“Seoul Nightshift” by Jan Daga

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“In Seoul, everything has a price. Everything has a time and everything has a dimension.
The city is perfect, crystal clear. But at night, everything changes. People pay just to disconnect
from the exhausting rhythms imposed by this incredibly competitive society. Just want to
get lost for a moment, in the streets and in the alleys, in nightclubs and in clubs overflowing with
people. With the sole purpose of forgetting a too long day. Drowning
in the solitude of a bottle of beer, smoking hundred of cigarettes. The screen of a
cell phone, of a thousand cell phones. With the desire to recreate a more easy world.
More human. Between the shadows and the lights of an endless night in search of a parallel life.
Or maybe just to survive. Another day.
This book is the result of three years of intense work dedicated to the streets of Seoul and its nightlife. To its excesses and its traditions. This book is dedicated to my dear Korean friends who have often accompanied me during the nights. Thank you Hong and Chang. “

Jan Daga

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