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“Tokyo Girls” by Emily Ashcroft

“I first visited Japan in 2014 with my boyfriend, who is also a photographer.  We fell in love with it and now visit and work there several times a year.  

Through working jobs for Japanese magazines and socialising in Tokyo, I met many young girls with dreams and ambition and became interested in documenting those bright, young female inhabitants of Tokyo – I wanted to capture them in that particular moment in their lives, while on their journey to womanhood. Tokyo Girls is a personal project that I began in 2015 and decided to compile into my first book. 

The girls in my book have all grown so much in just a few years and it’s amazing to see, but it’s documenting them on the cusp of adulthood is what I find so beautiful, there’s an innocence and wonder to them.

My works focus is on young female energy, real girls in colourful and natural environments. I see the beauty in imperfection.”

Emily Ashcroft

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