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“City of Dust” by MA TE

“The City of Dust
I start right here
Under me the Dust and the Concrete
Above me the Paper Sky
Where is the Black Ink?
Behind everything…
I lived until I was spoken and such a foolish
Believes in love with a Big City besides
small People.
But I want this Place.
I’m a Puppet Player and a Puppet in a
Shadow Play.
Move under the Sheets and under the Ground.
Did you know a City is a Spirit?
You are part of its Soul, every emotion you
give is absorb.
Anger and sadness writing there words.
TheWalls around you are a Library of every
one’s Life and death.
My Beijing is not your Beijing, what is reality,
something to search for.
You receive a different Beijing a different
Reality but if you look for my Eyes you found

“I call my Photography an Emotional Documentary. Beijing is the City of Dust for Me as it carries
all its History with it. The Emotions are scratched into every piece floating in the air. Breathing in
History of a Controlled and uncontrollable City.
Revolution is in the Heart and the change never happen on the inside.
I felt the waves of Kings and Queens,Warriors, Concubines the City like a stage of a Endless Opera


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